Help Feed the Conversation

The Scottish Good Food Coalition are encouraging everyone in Scotland to feed into Scottish Government's National Good Food Nation Plan.

This public consultation, which enables every citizen to scrutinise how the Government plans to implement the promises outlined in the Good Food Nation (Scotland) Act, offers a key opportunity to help shape Scotland's food future. 

If you haven't submitted your response yet, and / or are keen to encourage a wider conversation, their Kitchen Table Talks offer an easy, accessible and convivial way of ensuring more voices are heard. 

Anyone can host a Kitchen Table Talk: all you need is a small group of people, a table (real or virtual) for you to sit around, a couple of hours together and a desire to explore how to make Scotland a Good Food Nation.  They've compiled some helpful resources to help guide the conversation and the consultation response process.

To find out more and get started, please visit their website, read our Guide for Hosts, or get in touch via