Historic Environment Scotland’s Partnership Fund

Please read on for a brief overview of the new fund and how you will be able to make an application. Full programme guidance, including how to apply, will be published on our website on 30 June.

What we can fund
We can help to support the costs of delivering up to three different areas of activity (Activity Streams) for up to three financial years (from 1 April to 31 March). Direct costs and an appropriate level of indirect costs where these are associated with the funded activities (i.e. not general core funding) will be eligible under this fund.

The types of activities that will be eligible for grant under the Partnership Fund will vary, but some examples include:

  • Professional or volunteer training programmes addressing recognised historic environment skills gaps at a national level
  • Developmental, advocacy or capacity-building activities enabling the sector to achieve strategic outcomes in line with national priorities
  • Outreach activities or learning programmes delivering high-impact outcomes for audiences across Scotland

Whilst it will be possible to make consecutive applications for ongoing activities, each application will undergo a full assessment process to determine suitability for continued funding.

Some Research and reading to prepare you

Go here to read about Historic Scotland Grants Priorities
Go here to read more about Our Place Our Time

To find out more, get prepared and read up on this fund go here

Whilst there will be an open application process, the fund is designed to support a relatively small number of organisations to deliver established activities closely aligned with HES strategic priorities.

If you are interested in applying for time-limited project-based funding or piloting an activity before applying to the Partnership Fund, you should apply to their new Historic Environment Grants which will be launched in late Autumn 2022.

If you are unsure which programme you should apply to, please contact here to request an initial discussion.

GWT are sure that there may be intergenerational opportunities to look at in this fund and partner up with other organisations to look at heritage in your local area and involve younger and older people