Human Rights Consortium Survey

The Human Rights Consortium want to keep producing events, briefings, podcasts and reports which are useful to all of civil society, and they want to know what you need.

The Scottish Human Rights Bill is due to be introduced to Parliament by June 2024. The Consortium is keen to do all they can to enable organisations to engage with the detail of that Bill. It would be so helpful for their planning if you could let them know what resources related to the expected Bill that you would find most helpful, and they will do their level best to try to identify or develop them. Click here to participate in the survey

The Scottish Government’s proposed Bill will incorporate four international human rights treaties directly into Scots law: those covering economic, social and cultural rights, disabled people’s rights, rights of black and ethnic minority people, and women’s rights. It includes a right to a healthy environment, and an equality clause to ensure equal access to the rights contained within the Bill. It will also include specific rights for older people and LGBT+ people.

Read more about the Scottish Human Rights Bill here