Intergenerational Friendships

Loneliness doesn’t just happen to older people it can happen to us at any age. We love this article in the Guardian (23rd November 2022) and wanted to share with you as it touches on one persons’ story of meeting someone from an older generation, and how this relationship changed how they thought and felt about having an older person as a fiend and vice versa.

In this particular story it is a student living away from home and it is a good example to help us consider that intergenerational relationships are not just about children and older people, they can be formed at any age in the life cycle.

We know that many older people may have families who have moved to another country and we may also have young adults with no family nearby. There are so many reasons that we have to connect with people from different generations and backgrounds. Have a read here at the article

Maybe you have a story to share of a friendship that you have sparked with an older or younger person, if you do we would love to hear from you.

Please send your stories to Bella