Intergenerational Housing, Places and Spaces

Outdoor space can be an even greater asset when designed to connect generations rather than separate them. For example, hosting a workshop playing music, art or sport, having a lunch outdoors with people from different generations, growing together, learning together and there are some examples of places and spaces that people from our communities can use together taking in active play for people of all ages and having a mixture of multi-generational backgrounds connecting us. As such older and younger people can learn to share the same space and serve as places that build community and create intentional interactions across age groups. There are worldwide examples and ideas for the use of space, and we want to explore these ideas with our network.

Our Guest speaker this session is Alisdair Clements, Director, INCH, Socially Responsive Architecture & Design
Alisdair will talk about the intergenerational design that they have been involved in and share how they worked with a local community to envision the ideas of intergenerational shared space in the design of a community space so that generations could come together and build relationships.

Taking place on Tuesday 7th June 2022, 2:30pm – 4:30pm – Via Zoom virtual meeting (your link will be sent the day before)

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