Meet our new Intergenerational Development Officer

Kate –‘What is your role at GWT and what does it involve?’

Bella – ‘My role as Intergenerational Development Officer involves working with organisations and groups who wish to find out more about intergenerational practice. I aim to share best practice, information, and support and develop new opportunities for intergenerational working in communities. I have a responsibility to work in partnership with the Soil Association’s ‘Sharing Food For Life Get Togethers’ 4 year UK wide project.

Generations Working Together have been asked to produce a training pack on intergenerational practice specific to sharing food between generations and deliver training to the facilitators of the project. We will also be hosting Food for Life Get Together type sessions in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Inverclyde each year that the project runs. Another part of my role is working with a primary school in Glasgow, recruiting volunteers from the local community who will support younger people with literacy and numeracy.

Through this work GWT connect younger and older people, improving the skills, confidence and knowledge of the children and providing social opportunities for the adults.’

Kate –‘Which part of Scotland are you responsible for?’

Bella – ‘I cover the West Coast and parts of central Scotland (Dumfries & Galloway, Ayrshire & Arran, Argyll & Bute, Greater Renfrewshire & Inverclyde, and Lanarkshire).’

Kate –‘What did you do before joining GWT?’

Bella – ‘I worked as a Development Officer with Voluntary Action East Dunbartonshire for 2 years and previous to that with Your Voice, Inverclyde Community Care Forum as a Development Officer for 11 years.’

Kate –‘Since you started what has been the most interesting thing you have learned about intergenerational projects?’

Bella – ‘Intergenerational projects are fantastic they open up possibilities to our communities and offer opportunities for people to engage meaningfully across generations. The most interesting thing so far has been the difference that the Intergenerational aspect adds to people of all ages and how if we take our time the quality of relationships is enhanced and sustained. I did not know how beneficial the Intergenerational one-day training course was until I took part and realised that there is a lot to learn and put into place for a successful intergenerational project.’

Kate –‘Any projects/stories you would like to share that you have seen so far?’

Bella – ‘I attended a training session in Perth Grammar School where I was amazed to hear about the intergenerational project which is now in its second year. The project, Connecting Generations recruit and train older volunteers to support younger people in school with literacy and numeracy and it has been so successful. Trust, respect and relationships have formed and it is making a difference to all involved. It was inspiring to listen to what is happening and a bit worrying to hear how many younger people feel isolated. There are so many projects and stories to hear about and I would highly recommend that people join our network so that they can find out more and read about the wonderful projects happening around Scotland, the UK, Europe, and America.’

Kate –‘Many thanks for taking the time to explain your role. How can people get in touch with you?’

Bella – ‘The should email me or phone on 0141 559 5024. Please leave a message if I am not around and I will get back to you asap’.

29th August 2019