Introducing Food for Life Get Togethers!

Generations Working Together are delighted to partnering with Food for Life on a new nationwide programme, funded by the Lottery Community Fund.
The Food for Life Get Togethers programme uses good food to bring people of different ages together through growing, cooking and eating. Having the chance to get together, share a fresh, healthy meal and have a chat can really change people’s day to day lives. The aim of the programme is to transform our food culture, unite communities, create meaningful relationships between generations and unlock the power of good food for physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Could you bring your community together?
A Food for Life Get Together is any event, big or small, where different generations come together to grow, share or cook. It could be a street party that gets the whole neighbourhood sharing a feast, a group of school kids visiting their local care home, or as simple as a few people of different ages sitting down together over a plate of food.
We’d love for you to get involved and host a Food for Life Get Together event in your community at any time of the year, or you can hold one as part of the three national events and be part of something huge! The next event is Roast Dinner Day on 13th November 2019 – so why not invite people of different generations into your place and host a roast!

Register and find out more!

Simply register at: to download the free resource pack, containing great ideas for activities, posters, invites, games and so much more!

Get in touch to find out how you can be supported in running your event contact Bella Kerr or telephone 01415595024

“Almost 50% of UK kids never get outdoors with their families but at the same time, more than nine million people often or always feel lonely. Young and older people lack opportunities to bond.”

James Cashmore, Director of Food for Life

26th September 2019