Join our intergenerational Christmas campaign

Sing A Song For Santa – Intergenerational Christmas Campaign

Today we launched a call for generations to come together in song on our social media. We all love a Christmas tune or two and we love to see intergenerational connections coming together, so let’s celebrate the season together! What we are looking for is videos or photos of younger and older people singing Christmas songs together, be that traditional ones or modern ones and we will share them on our social media and website to make everyone’s Christmas just a little bit brighter. You can make a video yourself on your phone and share it with us through the hashtag #songforsanta on facebook on GenerationsWorkingTogether, on twitter on generationsWT or by emailing Kate, our Communications and Policy Officer directly. Participating will only take a few minutes and you don’t need to edit or be a good singer. If you are a teacher, care home staff, housing officer, librarian or a community organiser where you see or facilitate intergenerational connections then you can film the participants, volunteers or service users taking part (please gain their permission first). What’s important is that you capture the magic between these connections and share it with us.

Sing a song for Santa was a campaign started by Linking Generations Northern Ireland to bring communities together during Christmas time. It celebrates the magic of intergenerational friendships and encourages others to look out for younger and older people during Christmas time, which can be one of the loneliest times of the year. By showing generations together we are promoting intergenerational practice, encouraging people to fund and participate in similar projects and tackling ageism in the media. By taking part in the campaign you will be making a difference to the way older and younger people are seen and will make a difference to their lives through new intergenerational friendships. As this campaign is not a competition, please submit as many photos or videos as you would like.Remember hashtag #songforsanta.

Please send any songs as soon as you can, with the final deadline being Monday the 16th of December. You can use the artwork on our social media or request one by email if you would like to share or print it.

4th December 2019