Join the BeMoreUS campaign

The public campaign Be More Us, created by Campaign to End Loneliness is encouraging all ages to make small moments of connection with older people has gone live from 9 of May 2018. Hundreds of organisations have already indicated that they want to be part of this movement, including in Scottish organisations such as Age Scotland and Befriending Networks.

However, the campaign needs your help to encourage these moments of connection and to sign up to be kept up to date with the movement. There are many resources and ideas that you can use on the campaign website

Some of the suggested actions you can take include:

- Share the Be More Us launch video on social media and encourage colleagues and supporters to share it too using hashtag #BeMoreUs. – Share photos or vox pops of examples of your senior leaders being more us. – Join the Be More Us movement through and encourage others to do so too. – Inform your networks about the Be More Us movement and encourage them to participate (any time from 9 May onwards). – Share any work you are doing that you feel demonstrates the values of Be More Us. Share content that shows how easy it can be for people to connect using hashtag #BeMoreUs – Ask your supporters for tips and ideas for how we can all make connections

For more information on the Campaign to End Loneliness visit their website

11th May 2018