Month of communities

Cherishing learning and cooperation and sharing between people is something that happens a lot but still we are seeing areas of social isolation and loneliness and we need to connect more in our communities. Month of Communities brought together by The Eden Project offers simple ways to get connected and involved and GWT wish to share these ideas with you our network. Last year, over 15 million people took part in the first ever Month of Community, so don’t miss out, join in this June – whether you want to say cheers to volunteers, connect with your neighbours, support a cause you care about, or simply to say thank you, it’s all part of the Month of Community!

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Partner Campaigns in June

Loneliness Awareness Week 13-17 June
Refugee Week 20-26 June
Refugee Festival Scotland 14-20 June
Small Charity Week 20-25 June
The Great Get Together June