National Conference 2020

A review of the 2020 Conference

A massive thank you to everyone who attended our conference on 4th March in Glasgow, at the University of Strathclyde’s Technology & Innovation Centre. The feedback has been amazing and we would not have been able to create the event without the help of our fantastic speakers, workshop and talking table facilitators and exhibitors who created a great information village. GWT would like to thank our fantastic team of helpers on the day including the brilliant staff team, volunteers and Trustees. Thank you everyone.

Our Minister for Older People and Equalities, Christina McKelvie MSP gave a very heartwarming opening address showing her dedication and support to the work of connecting the generations. This was followed by conversations on the couch led by our very own Kate Samuels and Graham Hewitson who chatted with three lovely ladies and three young pupils who really pulled at the audience’s heartstrings. Very inspirational.

The conversations then led on to our morning workshops and talking tables which are detailed below:

Morning Workshops

1. Intergenerational Spaces and Places with Steve Malone & Danny Hunter, Principal Architects from Architecture & Design Scotland

Intergenerational spaces and places from Alison Clyde

2. Embedding intergenerational work within and beyond the NHS with Tanya Strange, Associated Director of Nursing and Claire Jordan, Lead Nurse, Aneuvin Health University Health Board, Wales.

Building bridges across the generations: Embedding intergenerational work within and beyond the NHS from Alison Clyde

3. Measuring Impact with Dr. Ali Somers, Co-founder of Apples and Honey Nightingale Nursery.

Measuring impact from Alison Clyde

4. Intergenerational Volunteering with Matthew Linning, Strategic Performance Manager, Volunteer Scotland & Julie Penn, Alzheimer Scotland

Intergenerational volunteering from Alison Clyde

Click here to view the workshop report.

Alzheimer Scotland from Alison Clyde

5. What do we need to make intergenerational work successful? with Jacqueline Cassidy, Head of External Affairs at Children in Scotland.

What do we need to make intergenerational work successful? from Alison Clyde

It was our first attempt at hosting talking tables where delegates were asked to take part in one of thirteen topics of conversations during lunchtime. We shall share short reviews from each of the tables shortly.

Talking Tables – reviews will follow shortly

1. What makes a caring place? Town Centre Living to Support our Ageing Population with Steve Malone & Danny Hunter, Architecture & Design Scotland

2. Making connections & strengthening communities: Learning through play in early years with Jaci Douglas and Jayne Macintosh.

3. The Care Inspectorate and intergenerational practice: Building capacity for improvement in intergenerational practice in care homes with Isabel Purdue & Laura Haggerty.

4. Starting again: becoming an intergenerational specialist after a first career with Dr. Ali Somers, Co-Founder, Apples & Honey Nightingale Nursery.

5. A partnership approach to Intergenerational Practice with Tanya Strange.

6. Climate change conversation: where can an intergenerational approach help? Cllr Anna Richardson & Kate Samuels.

7. Intergenerational centre: views of staff, older people and families after year one with Dr. Mariano Sanchez, University of Granada.

8. Intergenerational housing: the challenges of matching young and older people with suitable living partners with Lukas Hecke.

9. Intergenerational partnerships with Childminders with Lorraine George.

10. Intergenerational approaches with people approaching the end of life with Professor Liz Forbat, University of Stirling.

11. Scottish Election Manifesto 2021 with Graham Hewitson & Anne Callaghan.

12. Reconnecting people with cinema with Michael White.

13. Healing the rift with Sandra Brown & Simon Ritchie.

During the day we presented six Excellence Awards in Intergenerational Practice which can be viewed here. Please check them out they are truly inspiring.

The afternoon was rounded off with a keynote presentation by Lukas Hecke, Wohnbuddy from Vienna in Austria and another conversation with teachers from early years, primary and secondary schools.

Intergenerational Housing: Making affordable housing a reality from Alison Clyde

If you would like to share your experiences of the conferences please get in touch with the staff team here or share your pictures and views on GWT’s Facebook and Twitter.