New: Intergenerational guidance from the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.)

In March 2021 the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) released their global report on Ageism. One of the three recommendations in the report was the need to develop more intergenerational (IG) opportunities to enable generations to connect and learn about each other.

The W.H.O. have now released 'Connecting Generations - Planning and implementing interventions for intergenerational contact'. This guidance covers everything from planning and developing IG work, to activity delivery and evaluation and will be invaluable for everyone new to this type of work.

To increase the sustainability and legacy of IG work in the community, GWT encourages individuals and organisations to prioritise building strong community partnerships, in order to achieve longer term programmes and reduced reliance on funding. For example, particpants involved in a programme that runs for six months or longer, will have more time to build meaningful relationships and in doing so challenge stereotypes and ageism, than one that runs for six weeks. The more sustainable IG programmes we can build, the more impact IG work can have upon participants, staff, the workplace and  communities.