Older people recruitment for intergenerational climate project

Sustainability First are currently working on developing and delivering, with the Great Science Share, interdisciplinary workshops on sustainability for pupils aged 9-11 across the UK. The workshops combine presentations, activities, and discussions centred around art, science, geography, citizenship, literacy, and social justice to support pupils to explore sustainable futures and how they may be empowered to ensure sustainable futures in their daily lives and through systems change.

Their first workshop, “Let’s Get Wise about Wise,” will take place at the end of May. It will focus on waste, its impacts on society and the environment, and how pupils’ can minimise their waste through creativity. The workshops will facilitate intergenerational dialogue to add a dynamic, collaborative dimension to the workshop and include important perspectives and experiences.

During the workshop, Sustainability First would like to share perspectives from older people answering: How has your relationship to waste, litter, and recycling has changed over the years? This can be in the form of a video, a written statement, or tweeting, using the hashtag #FairClimateFuture. After the workshop, the pupils will have the opportunity to send letters to older people who have participated.

If you are interested in sharing your thoughts, Sonya from Sustainability First can support you to do so in any way that is easiest for you (i.e. a chat over the phone or Skype, for example). They will then collate all your perspectives and share it with pupils before the letter-writing activity.

If you’re interested, please get in touch with Sonya or call Sonya directly on 07444 517 470. To learn more about the project please see their website.