Plant and Share Month

With a month to go until the grand return of Plant and Share Month 22nd April – 20th May 2023

The first batch of resources are now live here These resources include: How to Grow Your Own Soup, Three Steps to Growing, and How to Help Pollinators, plus more.

For example
Generate conversation, reminisce and explore sensory experiences
• Where are peas grown?
• Talk about how you like to eat peas – mushy, mangetout, with rice, etc.
• Questions you could ask everyone::
• Have you ever picked peas before?
• What’s your favourite dish including peas?
• Have you ever podded peas? Older participants may have memoires of podding peas at the table, or they may remember that the peas tasted so good that they didn’t even make it back from the garden

Make meaningful connections
• Take photos of your growing activity together and make how-to guides for family members. Try a selection of different peas – mange tout, purple peas, sugar snap peas. How are they different (look, touch, taste,
feel)? Which are your favourite? Can you try them raw and cooked?
• Cook up some recipes with peas and pea shoots such as pea and ham soup, pea risotto, pea shoot and Parmesan salad. Or you could even make a pea salsa with raw garden peas.
• If you grow pea shoots at the beginning of Plant and Share month you could all come back together to eat a meal together, or take some home to family members. Or if you go on to grow garden peas you could
freeze them and use them in Cook and Share Month in the autumn.

Please share these far and wide to encourage as many Plant and Share activities as possible and make it intergenerational sharing with others in your community. There are lots of amazing ideas which you can share and have some fun with people from a different generation.

Plant and Share Month has four themed weeks Growing for All, Growing to Eat, Growing for Joy and Growing for Nature. Each week has corresponding resources to provide inspiration and guides for getting involved in growing.