Sages and Seekers

If you could spend eight weeks of one-on-one time with somebody of a much different generation, experts say you’d likely find you have more in common than you thought. A program called Sages & Seekers is working to end division in Los Angeles, USA by battling ageism.

Elly Katz is the founder and executive director of Sages & Seekers and a CoGenerate Innovation Fellow. In this news clip Elly talks about the critical connection between olders and youngers. The Sages bring their wisdom, while the Seekers bring their energy.

Katz says she contacted a neurological researcher to study the program’s impact. One measurable outcome of the research was an increased feeling of empathy for the other generation. However, the largest impact, research found, was that forming an intergenerational bond gave participants a greater purpose in life. Mary Lee Bartlet and Beckett Rogers met through the eight-week program. They are nearly 70 years apart in age, but they’re basically best friends.

The program that can be offered online and in-person anywhere from coast to coast and across the world.

Intergenerational friendships are just brilliant and we hope that you, our network will be inspired to ask your own network to share any intergenerational friendship stories that they have form the past or present

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