Scotland 2030: A Positive View of Our Future

Scottish Future’s Forum – The Scottish Parliament’s think-tank

Scotland 2030: A Positive View of Our Future aims to capture the key issues that emerged from our work and some important questions for the next 10 years. It also outlines a selection of the creative suggestions that have been shared during our events, with 10 ideas for 2030.

Idea number 3. Make all schools community hubs

School buildings are a centre-point for communities, bringing together people from different backgrounds. Over the next 10 years, as communities are redeveloped to respond to changing populations, school buildings that are linked to housing for older people and which offer community facilities out of school hours will help people come together in spaces that are accessible for everyone.

Through it, Scotland’s Futures Forum has explored how Scottish culture and society is changing and will change. We have looked at the issues through different themes and from different perspectives, with the overall aim to take a positive view of what lies ahead.

Over the years of the programme, we have built up a reference bank of materials. As well as capturing the wide range of topics covered, it provides food for thought on the future that Scotland faces. With videos, podcasts, event reports, guest blogposts, stories and pictures, we have supported a variety of voices to reflect on the future in the way that works for them.

Everything we have done is available on this website.