International Diploma in Intergenerational Learning

The International Certificate in Intergenerational Learning will now be known as the International Diploma in Intergenerational Learning (IDIL).

The course will now be accredited through the University of Granada’s International School of Postgraduate studies and has a change in the number of hours however the content remains the same.

Our next course will commence on Tuesday 27th October to Monday 14th December 2020. The course runs twice a year.

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of intergenerational work, its purpose, impact and practical application to enable them to apply this within their own work. Although the hours have increased there is no further work required during this course due to lateness of the changes.

You’ll find below some thoughts from students who took part in our last course this Spring:

“The quality and quantity of documentation is simply amazing. You are all be very generous. It is something that normally doesn’t happen. So thank you very very very much!!!;-))) The professionalism of your answers as mentors and tutors is also very impressive”.

“The course has provided a brilliant introduction to intergenerational learning and practice. It’s challenged my thinking, widened my knowledge and introduced me to a wealth of resources to help develop my work in this area. I’ve enjoyed meeting others on the course, and have really appreciated the individual feedback and support from my tutor. In trying times, this course has been a tonic to refresh my ideas and practice – thank you!”

Further details on learning outcomes and registration can be found here.