Statisticians for Society

The Statisticians for Society initiative was launched in 2014, to help statisticians offer their skills to charities and other socially useful initiatives that need their professional expertise.

With support from the Big Lottery Fund, the Society is now looking to further develop the initiative and strengthen pro bono services within the profession. The pilot scheme will aim to support third sector organisations in need of data and analytical support. The Society will actively match charities with the skills and expertise of volunteers from the RSS membership at no cost.

How statisticians can help third sector organisations

Many third sector organisations are keen to explore the use of data for decision making and service improvements. There is a growing need for them to provide evidence of their impact, but due to lack of capacity and appropriate skills needed for data analysis, some charities are unable to fully demonstrate the value of their work.
This is where we could help. As one of the leading voices for promoting the importance of data and evidence, we would like to see more statisticians helping charities in making a difference. Our volunteers can provide the tools and guidance for undertaking data analysis. Statisticians collect, analyse and interpret data across a wide range of industries and topics. They are skilled at designing methods for collecting data and regularly tasked with analysing data to spot patterns and trends. They can manipulate data to identify relationships and make future predictions. Following this, they produce reports and summaries which communicate their findings.

Express your interest
If you are third sector organisation looking for pro bono support, or a statistician/data scientist interested in volunteering, click here for more information.

To find out more about how to apply, please visit Royal Statistical Society

9th August 2018