Lets talk about ageing

The Centre for Ageing Better have launched a guide urging charities to help shift ageist stereotypes and language used in public life, which harms people and their prospects in later years.

The new guide aims to help organisations challenge ageism, tackling the negative stereotypes which are all too common in conversations about older people and ageing. The new guide is a practical tool drawing on a wealth of research about attitudes to age and the way that the public responds to different ways of talking about ageing and later life.

The guide urges organisations to move away from stereotypes and embrace realistic and diverse images of later life, to use terminology that older people prefer – such as ‘older’ rather than ‘old’ or ‘elderly’ – and to avoid ‘compassionate ageism,’ which paints older people as vulnerable and in need of pity. Get access to the guide Challenging ageism: A guide to talking about ageing and older age

Generations Working Together Future Thematic Network meeting on Ageism
Generations Working Together is hosting a thematic network meeting on 25th January 2022, which you can register to attend Let’s talk some more about ageism and keep it firmly in our minds, working with intergenerational interventions to challenge stereotypes and make positive changes for the future together. This session will explore the characteristics of ageism and challenging assumptions and attitudes is a big step towards happy health communities of all ages and places to feel safe to grow up and grow old in.