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The Intergenerational Care Project

The Intergenerational Care (IGC) Project is a research project being conducted by Griffith University on the Gold Coast, Australia. Funded by Dementia and Aged Care Services (DACS), this project officially commenced in June 2017 and will run for a period of two years.

This project is based on three years of background research including policy analysis, systematic review of current programs, a Delphi study on preferences for models of care and a feasibility study into the demand for intergenerational care in the Australian context.

This is their fourth issue of the Intergenerational Care Project’s Newsletter.

A lot has happened since the last newsletter was published, this copy looks at:

  • Our intergenerational care sessions at the different sites are completed and we have commenced data analysis
  • We partnered with students from Griffith Film School and one of our research sites to develop a short documentary on our intergenerational learning program
  • We wrote an article for The Conversation which has drawn attention from academics, practitioners and the media
  • Our Q&A Public Forum took place in mid-November last year. Representatives from our research sites presented their observations of the intergenerational care learning programs and provided their feedback.

Read the full newsletter here.

13th March 2019