The National Leadership Network

It all began when Gary Brown and Lisa Thomson started working with the Life Changes Trust in January 2021, to kick start a new initiative, the National Leadership Network. This was to be a 5-year legacy project for young people with care experience, their supporter and allies. Gary came from a Community Learning and Development background, having led the Corporate Parenting Youth Work agenda in Perth and Kinross, and Lisa came from a Psychology background. Their worlds were about to change….

In January and February of 2021, Gary and Lisa held their first planning meeting, followed by engagement with partners and allies. Shortly after, the National Leadership Network was officially launched.

The aims of the Network are to encourage, sign post and facilitate personal and professional development opportunities and experiences, and to strengthen personal and organisational relationships and alliances in the national care experience community. As the name suggests, it will focus on leadership in all its shapes and forms, and it will have young people front and centre in paid and voluntary positions determining the path of the Network moving forward.

Gary recollects the first stages of the Network – mapping and meetings.

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