The power of connection

Intergenerational Community Planning is a new report by our American colleagues, Irv Katz (Senior Fellow at Generations United) and Matthew Kaplan PHD (Professor of Intergenerational Programs and Aging in the Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education at the Pennsylvania State University.) The report explores how focusing on the youngest and the oldest members of our communities can help planners identify their needs and vulnerabilities — as well as their assets and strengths — to find synergies and solutions that benefit both.

There is intrinsic value in the generations connecting. Yet, most in our society do not live and function in circumstances that allow for routine and sustained connections between young and old.

The report offers guidance in implementing the elements of an intergenerational community planning process, including visioning, public engagement, and data collection and analysis.

It points planners to intergenerational building blocks of children/youth- and older adult-focused initiatives for collaboration and coalition building.

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