University of Strathclyde is looking for research participants over 50

The LifeCurve can be used to position how you are ageing. It is based on research which says there is a set order in which we lose the ability to do everyday activities as we age. Your position and trajectory on the LifeCurve can change, helping to regain ability to do activities you enjoy and greater independence.

To take part in the research the University is asking people to download the LifeCurve app for free from any Apple or Android device, and connect to the STILL Going Project as a partner. You can then find out your LifeCurve position, choose from evidence-based activities and tasks suggested to you, and learn information and advice that can help you have a better ageing journey.

For more information visit their website. The research team is here to offer any support to users or anyone who may be helping someone else use the app. Please contact them by email or call 07555946130.