We’ve changed our member offer

As of Wednesday 4 October 2023, we are introducing a new membership structure. We have more categories of membership which are free. Some have reduced in price.

Our intention in introducing this change is to remain accessible to as many as possible while spreading the costs, and continue to deliver meaningful benefits to all our members.

Fees, where they apply, are based on affordability and the ability to pay. The largest organisations now pay a bit more to enable the smallest organisations to access our services, resources and support.

Find out more about our fees and the benefits of joining GWT.


Membership is FREE to most people living and organisations based in Scotland, thanks to our funders including Scottish Government.

  • It is FREE for anyone joining as an individual.
  • It is FREE to community groups, third sector organisations and public bodies - with staff based in Scotland, delivering activities here in SCOTLAND.
  • Businesses – operating in and/or having their head office in SCOTLAND – now pay a fee. A sliding fee scale is based on company size – turnover and number of employees. As well as getting direct benefits, your membership helps us support the smallest organisations working in communities.

International - individuals, groups and organisations based outside Scotland

Our international membership fees apply to individuals, groups and organisations based outwith Scotland - but you may be able to become a member for free – read on.

  • The rest of the UK – Northern Ireland, Wales and England
  • Worldwide

For organisations, the right category for you depends on your sector and your annual income or, when joining as an individual, if you are working or not.

Multiple concessions

We offer FREE membership to people in a range of situations – no matter where you live.

  • Students – aged 16 and over
  • Young people – aged 16 to 17 and not in education, training or work
  • Unemployed – aged 18 and over
  • Retired and at, or over, the state retiral age in your own country
  • Volunteers
  • Professionals working in a developing nation/the Global South.

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