Webinar - Intergenerational Community Building

Ageism, age-segregation, and silo-ed service delivery systems have limited our ability to work together to build communities that are good for growing up and growing older. New programs, policies and practices are needed that intentionally foster a sense of generational interdependence, promote lifelong contribution, and encourage organisational alliances rather than competition for resources.

Intergenerational community building intentionally brings diverse organisations, residents of all ages, and policy makers together to address issues that affect people at all stages of life. In this workshop, we will examine the theoretical underpinnings of intergenerational community building, lessons learned from the Communities for All Ages model, the benefits of this approach, and concrete steps for integrating an intergenerational lens into community initiatives.


Nancy Z. Henkin, Ph.D., founder and former Executive Director of the Intergenerational Center at Temple University, is currently a Senior Fellow at Generations United and a consultant to numerous agencies and foundations. Her work has focused on intergenerational community building and programming, intergenerational relationships in immigrant communities, and lifelong civic engagement.

Dr. Henkin serves on the editorial board of the International Journal on Intergenerational Relations. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Jack Ossofsky Award from the National Council on the Aging, the Maggie Kuhn Award from the Gray Panthers, and the Intergenerational Champion Award from Generations United. In 2006, she was elected into the Ashoka Fellowship, a global community of social entrepreneurs.