Wellbeing in Later Life (WeLL) Programme

IFIC Scotland and the ALLIANCE we are pleased to share the final Wellbeing in Later Life (WeLL) Programme report of the discovery project, brought together by older people, community leaders and activists, housing, third sector and public sector partners . The six month project, supported by a small grant from the Life Changes Trust, draws on the rich learning from dementia friendly communities, and on insights from their Compassionate Communities Active Learning Programme and from Age Friendly Ireland. Working with several partners including Scottish Older People’s Assembly (SOPA) and Generations Working Together (GWT) the report covers a wide array of participants with 70 organisations and communities in Scotland taking part in the virtual Wellbeing in Later Life learning community that involved older people and organisations from different sectors. The knowledge exchange was further enriched by international learning partners and through two webinars on healthy ageing involving people from 22 countries. Highlights of the 11 interactive sessions and links to relevant resources are contained in flash reports available here