What are the benefits and challenges of a multi-generational workforce in Scotland?

An invitation to explore age awareness in the workplace.

With five generations in the workplace for the first time, the need for employers to understand and capitalise on their multigenerational workforce is greater than ever. Nearly a quarter (22%) of UK employers have faced issues with managing age diversity at work (Centre for Ageing Better) and many see an age diverse workforce as a challenge and frustration, rather than a benefit.

Generations Working Together (GWT) are carrying out a piece of research, inviting medium and large private businesses in Scotland to engage with us in exploring the following: 

  • Investigating the challenges and benefits of a multi-generational workforce for Scotland’s labour market
  • Discovering what the needs of an intergenerational work force are
  • Exploring the extent of age-awareness and age-diversity in Scotland’s workplaces

HR and managerial staff would probably be the best source of knowledge that we are seeking to meet with, and short focus group interviews will be held to gather feedback and information. The research will be shared on the Workplace training page of the GWT website, once completed. 

If you have any questions about this or would like to be involved, please contact Lorraine George at lorraine@gwt.scot