Intergenerational Food networks

Our relationships and connectedness with others from a different generation are something that bonds us and offers to take us on a different journey than if we had just stayed with our peer groups. Meeting people of a different age has shown to be an interesting and inspiring journey that helps us to find new relationships that offer a different conversation and sometimes lead to long and lasting friendships. We have discovered that food is something that brings us together and in doing so we can talk about food, eat it, cook it or even grow it. Working with food can help us to learn from each other and we have explored areas such as:

*Grandmother and grandfathers’ recipes versus junk food
*Hosting a strawberry tea with a care home community and a local school or nursery
*Growing flowers and sharing pictures between young and old
*Learning and sharing gardening tips
*Learning about the environment together and sharing handy tips and techniques
*Online recipes shared between generations
*Simple recipes to cook together

Our intergenerational food network journey has grown and we continue to find new ways and possibilities to connect with people from a different generation and sharing ideas in our communities to break down social isolation and loneliness.

Throughout 2022 we have a number of food network events planned. We have one online session ‘My Intergenerational Food Network’ on Thursday 5th May, 2022, 10:00am – 12:00pm with our special guest speaker Sophie Bridger, Scotland’s Country Manager for Eden Project Communities. She leads on the delivery of The Big Lunch in Scotland, the annual thanksgiving event for neighbours and communities. She loves bringing people together human rights and being outside – in her garden, in the sea and in the mountains.

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We will keep you up to date with new dates as they are planned and hope that you can manage along. If you are interested in sharing ideas or attending as a guest speaker to talk about the work that you are involved in we would be delighted to hear from you, contact Bella or telephone 07927550730