Ageism through the Ages Campaign 1st October - 20th November 2021

During October through to November a range of events run by stakeholders around the world will bring attention to ageism through the life-course. Beginning on Older People’s Day and how it affects older people and moving through to how young people are affected by ageism too.

Get involved with Ageism through the ages today by accessing the events, resources, activities, and knowledge featured here which will be regularly updated throughout the duration of this initiative.

Why a sustained theme on ageism?
Giving focused attention to ageism through a sustained theme provides an invitation to take action to challenge this insidious issue. Ageism through the ages will showcase how this phenomenon affects us through our lifetime, encourage the engagement of different stakeholders in the Global Campaign to Combat Ageism, and build a movement to change the narrative around age and ageing.

Watch this film from Global Campaign to Combat Ageism #AWorld4AllAges

Ageism affects how we think, feel and act towards others and ourselves based on age. It imposes powerful barriers to the development of good policies and programmes for older and younger people, and has profound negative consequences on older adults’ health and well-being. WHO is working together with key partners on a Global Campaign to Combat Ageism—an initiative supported by WHO’s 194 Member States. The Campaign aims to change the narrative around age and ageing and help create a world for all ages. Follow this link to find out more and get involved in any way you can by reading, watching and sharing the message.