Aging in the Social Space

The publication entitled “Aging in the Social Space” by Łukasz Tomczyk & Andrzej Klimczuk is a compilation of studies that relate to the theoretical understanding and empirical solutions, acquiring knowledge about the areas of problem, determining similarities regarding social, legal, economic, moral and ethical views on issues concerning the elderly in society, which are closely linked and connected.

This publication focuses on the Polish case study. It aims to provide a multi-dimensional picture of issues related to old age and aging and care for the elderly in society. We believe that natural is also an indication of the different spheres in which the society suffers the effects of aging, directly or indirectly related to issues concerning the elderly. Gaining knowledge of these areas is a prerequisite for the successful use of social assistance for the elderly in society.

Excerpts from reviews:
“ The work discusses the very important topic of modern times, it is the aging of the population, to which many countries with their established social systems, political, legal, health and others are not prepared. The authors compared data on global aging of the population with information related to the aging of the population in Poland. “

Doc. Dr. Bojana Filej, Alma Mater Europaea – European Center Maribor, Slovenia

“ The publication, in my humble opinion, be dedicated primarily subject matter social gerontology researchers, students from the humanities and above all social. Given the systematic increase in the number of people studying foreign Poland (including the Erasmus program) can also be used as teaching material in the context of the subjects such as: Geragogy, social gerontology, social pedagogy and sociology, of course . “

Professor dr. Jan Maciejewski, Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Wroclaw, Poland