Amazing Things (Supplement) - A guide to awards for adults in Scotland

This publication is a supplement of Youth Scotland’s Amazing Things a guide to the Youth Awards in Scotland for young people aged 12 to 25. The purpose of this guide is to highlight the awards available for adults and older people participating in intergenerational projects across Scotland.

While many are content to volunteer without receiving any official recognition, a growing number see its value. For some, using their experience and knowledge to help younger people and building new friendships can be extremely rewarding however there is so much more on offer.

Through volunteering and community working with different generations adults and older people can gain skills for learning, life and work and can take part in new activities, meet new people and give something back to their local community.

This supplement is a live document that will be updated as new awards are announced.

If you have a new award for adults/older people/ all ages or a new intergenerational award please email your details to or call 0141 559 5024.