Faith in Communities Scotland Announces New Small Grants Programme

FiSCAF’s small grants scheme is a new venture which aims to be responsive to the needs of small, faith based, community charities.

The overall objectives of the small grants scheme remain the same as the rest of FiSCAF’s work and we want our support to make the following differences:

  1. Faith groups are more effective in supporting people to make transitions in their lives
  2. Faith groups are more effective in helping to reduce isolation and loneliness
  3. Faith groups are more effective in supporting local people to become more resilient
  4. There is greater understanding and respect between and within faith communities
  5. Local people have increased self-esteem, confidence and skills, equipping them to improve community life

However it is designed to provide much smaller sums of money quickly to support a project or enable a group to make the most of an unexpected opportunity. Applications for up to £750 can be made at any point and all applications will receive a response within six weeks of our acknowledging receipt, but our aim is that projects will receive a response sooner than that.

Who Can Apply

All our usual eligibility requirements apply but as the small grants scheme is focused on the smallest community charities, applicants must also have an annual turnover of less than £30,000, and no more than the equivalent of one full time member of staff.

To find out more please visit Faith in Community Scotland