GWT Corporate Plan 2020-25

Since this plan was formulated, the country has experienced a global pandemic which has impacted on all of our lives in ways that we could never have imagined. The Covid-19 virus has presented the country and its people with the greatest challenge it has faced for generations.

The early stages of the Nation’s response have focussed on containing the virus and minimising harm to the country’s people and its economy. The measures taken have touched every area of people’s lives and changed the ways in which we live and work, possibly forever. They have highlighted a wide range of social and economic issues and inequalities in our society e.g. social isolation, health inequality and digital exclusion.

Faced with the challenges presented by Covid-19, we have seen people in Scotland come together and demonstrate their compassion and their creativity on an unprecedented scale. People have contributed their time and talents on a voluntary basis to support others. Businesses and public services have adapted their models. New partnerships and alliances have been formed to design and deliver services that had not previously been considered. Clubs and social organisations have found new ways of engaging their members and delivering activities. The creative use of technology has been embraced and many perceived barriers have been overcome.

Intergenerational practice has been massively affected. Most of the established projects and initiatives relied heavily upon face-to-face contact and were set in group contexts. Many projects
involved vulnerable older people in care settings. The need to halt the spread of the virus and protect lives brought these to an immediate halt.

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