GWT Intergenerational Manifesto 2021

Generations Working Together has worked with its members to create a first intergenerational manifesto that calls for Scotland to become an intergenerational nation.
Our manifesto for the 2021 Scottish Government Election:

▪ identifies three areas that we believe the Scottish Government elected for 2021 – 2026, and all elected Members of the Scottish Parliament should focus on to help ensure that relationships between generations are strengthened and Scotland becomes more connected and inclusive.
▪ makes fifteen specific calls for action, which we believe would help the nation to make significant progress towards becoming an intergenerational nation and improve the quality of life for Scots of all ages.

We are now looking for representatives at all levels of government, our members, the public, and organisations to join us in making this call for an intergenerational nation a reality. Please contact Kate Samuels, our Communications and Policy Officer if you would like to write about the intergenerational manifesto or to join our campaign for making Scotland the first intergenerational nation.