Henry Duncan Award

The Henry Duncan Awards supports grassroots charities operating in Scotland with an income of less than £500,000 which are delivering programmes or services clearly focused on improving the quality of life for people who are disadvantaged.

When we talk about disadvantaged people, we mean those who have fewer opportunities than average, which in turn significantly affects their life chances. Disadvantage is often linked to poverty, and it may be a result of exclusion or discrimination.

Funding can be for salaries/core costs/running costs, and the majority of awards will fall into these categories. However, consideration will also be given to applications for small capital projects such as equipment, minor refurbishment, fixtures and fittings.

All awards are for one year only.


Although the Trustees endeavour to support a wide range of issues, there is particular interest in applications which are focused on supporting:

• vulnerable children and young people
• isolated older people
• people debilitated as a result of a disability or mental health issue
• families in poverty, particularly as a result of welfare reform
• carers

How much can you apply for?

• Awards range from a few hundred pounds up to a maximum of £7,000