Resources: Housing

  • Co-housing: Future Homes for Older Scots

    An assessment of what needs to be done to advance co-housing as a realistic housing option for more older people in Scotland, and why we should do it. This report by Vivarium Trust and Tom Morton of ARC Architects was launched in the Scottish Parliament in March 2019

  • Homeshare

    Homeshare is the exchange of housing for help. It recognises that two people have needs and something to give.

  • Housing and Ageing

    Linking strategy to future delivery in Scotland, Wales and England 2030

  • Intergenerational Housing Case Studies

    This report provides a digest of 12 case studies of intergenerational housing drawn from the UK and internationally.

  • Learning from Intergenerational Housing Projects in the USA

    This report outlines the findings of Emma Garland’s, Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Traveling Fellowship, looking at intergenerational housing in the USA.

  • Town Centre Living: A Caring Place Report

    A report that came out of the question - How we could use our town centres more effectively? With a focuss on ageing and the provision of care. The report shows 10 Principles of a Caring Place were identified which place user needs at the heart of decision-making, service provision and investment in our places.