Intergenerational Programmes - Towards a society for all ages

This Study, under the leadership of Professor Mariano Sánchez, clarifies the concept of a society for all ages, explaining what intergenerational programmes are, describing their fundamental benefits and presenting some of the best practical models for achieving suitable community services and development for such a society. It also provides some information about the status of these programmes in Spain, where they have undergone
unprecedented development in the last few years.

This Study not only shows that intergenerational programmes can help to reduce discrimination against older persons, but it also provides specific examples showing how they are a source of intergenerational solidarity and can thus be classified as suitable instruments for increasing the integration and cohesion of our societies. The eleven Spanish and international authors who have been involved in this project, some of whom are leading the promotion of intergenerational programmes in Europe and North America, provide the general public, the professional community and policy-makers with material which could help them to ensure practical progress in creating societies for all ages.