Intergenerational Quiz Toolkit

The following toolkit has been designed as a general guide to establishing an intergenerational quiz that could be used across the whole of Scotland. It can be used by schools, practitioners and organisations who want to connect different generations together in order to increase learning, have fun and help reduce social isolation. Every project will have its differences so there is no hard structure to the format; it is flexible and should be adapted as is necessary to fit your unique circumstances.

The quiz could be for anyone regardless of their age, the pilot started with primary school age P7 and last year they worked with P6/P7 and also older pupils with the older people. This year East Renfrewshire and Renfrewshire are working with P6/P7, high school S3 and S6 as well as older people.

Please note that teams involved in a local final will all have to agree to stick to the same age groups.

When the national final is being organised groups will be informed of what age group the final quiz will be aimed at.

Although this toolkit refers specifically to developing an intergenerational quiz, it could easily be adapted to any intergenerational project”.

Appendices and a film can be viewed here.