Intergenerational Schools Report 2018-19

In 2000, our founders envisioned a school that nurtures individuality and builds community through shared learning experiences across generations. The 2018-2019 school year
marked the 19th year since our doors opened to thirty trusting families who shared that same vision. Today, we have the privilege of serving 750 K-8 students, as well as hundreds of older adults, across three Cleveland neighbourhoods.

We are a veteran charter organisation, so it is hard to believe that last year was only our second year as an independent network of three schools. To bring together our schools and our new supporting organisation, Friends of the Intergenerational Schools, we established a three-year strategic plan. With fresh eyes, we revisited our foundational principles, reaffirmed our mission and vision, and determined how we will move forward as a small but mighty network.

Our most recent scores show our students making significant progress in many areas including K-3 Literacy and Gap Closing. All of our schools are in the top five for student achievement amongst K-8 charters in Cuyahoga County. Even so, I think you’ll see when you read each school’s story, that it is in everyday connections and nurturing experiences, that our students, staff, and learning partners truly radiate the same spirit that welcomed those original families back in 2000.

Brooke King
Executive Director
Intergenerational Schools