Intergenerational Shared Sites: Troubleshooting

Introducing and implementing intergenerational shared site programs is no small task. While there are numerous benefits to developing intergenerational shared site pro- grams (outlined in Generations United’s companion brief Intergenerational Shared Sites: Making the Case there are also challenges – some real, some perceived. Developing a shared site often involves fundamentally changing the mission, vision, culture, or structure of an organisation and in many cases the minds of the people affiliated with the organisation. They can expand the services of your organisation, launch partnerships between new agencies or cement existing collaborative relationships.

This troubleshooting guide is designed to provide assistance on dealing with some of the obstacles that may appear. Although there are a variety of types of intergenerational shared site programs, this brief primarily focuses on obstacles that may face planners of the most common models – child care integrated with adult day programs or skilled nursing facilities. Much of the information presented can be adapted for different shared site programs. The following sections highlight some of common challenges facing intergenerational shared sites, recommendations to address these challenges, and when available, suggested resources for further information.