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  • Add Life Toolkit

    Add Life Toolkit

  • Aging in the Social Space

    The publication entitled "Aging in the Social Space" by Łukasz Tomczyk & Andrzej Klimczuk is a compilation of studies that relate to the theoretical understanding and empirical solutions, acquiring knowledge about the areas of problem, determining similarities regarding social, legal, economic, moral and ethical views on issues concerning the elderly in society, which are closely linked and connected.

  • Collaborating Towards an Age-Friendly Northern Ireland - A Scottish Approach

    The presentation delivered by Alison Clyde in Belfast at the 'Collaborating Towards an Age-Friendly Northern Ireland Event'

  • Comparative analysis of national and regional models of the silver economy in the European Union

    Abstract The approach to analysing population ageing and its impacts on the economy has evolved in recent years. There is increasing interest in the development and use of products and services related to gerontechnology as well as other social innovations that may be considered as central parts of the ‘‘silver economy.’’ However, the concept of silver economy is still being formed and requires detailed research. This article proposes a typology of models of the silver economy in the European Union (EU) at the national and regional levels. This typology was created by comparing the Active Ageing Index to the typology of varieties and cultures of capitalism and typology of the welfare states. Practical recommendations for institutions of the EU and directions for further research are discussed. Keywords: active ageing index, regional development, silver economy, varieties/cultures of capitalism, welfare state.

  • European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research - Policy Brief July 2010

    European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research - Policy Brief July 2010

  • European Map of Intergenerational Learning (EMIL)

    EMIL's 29th edition of the newsletter focuses on a number of innovative International projects

  • Evaluation Research Repository on Intergenerational Programs

    A new resource from Generations United and EMIL, is an open access digital collection of research outputs to assist researchers and evaluators, practitioners, and policy makers in assessing intergenerational programs.

  • Generations United

    Generations United

  • Grand Partners in Education - Family Engagement Toolkit

    Generations United has released a guide intended to be a resource to tap the time and talents of grandparents, along with parents, to jumpstart or enhance family engagement in schools.

  • Homeshare

    Homeshare is the exchange of housing for help. It recognises that two people have needs and something to give.

  • Intergenerational Programmes Evaluation

    FOREWORDS The book you are looking at has, above all else, two characteristics that make it unique. First, it is a pioneering publication: never before has a monographic work on the evaluation of intergenerational programmes been published in Spain. Second, this book constitutes proof that the efforts made by IMSERSO (Spanish National Institute for Older Persons and Social Services) in the area of specialised training do not end, to put it colloquially, on the last day of class.

  • Intergenerational relationships compendium

    We are all enmeshed in intergenerational relationships. We are familiar with them. However, when we deal with these relationships in research, in teaching, in practical work or in politics we need generally intelligible key concepts. These are not meant to be definitive or dogmatic definitions, but explicit descriptions that acknowledge commonalities and differences between various disciplines and working fields.

  • Manifesto for Age Friendly Museums

    Manifesto for Age Friendly Museums

  • Meadows School Project

    Meadows School Project

  • Senior Corps

    Senior Corps

  • The Intergenerational Centre, Temple University, Philadelphia

    The Intergenerational Centre, Temple University, Philadelphia

  • Together Old & Young: How should we live together?

    A spotlight on the benefits of contact between the youngest and the oldest citizens in our communities

  • Trikala, Greece - Cultural and Natural Heritage, Tourism development and Intergenerational learning

    Community of Trikala and Kalampaka in Greece discovered the connection between Intergenerational Leaning and sustainable development via the Big Foot project.