Learning from Intergenerational Housing Projects in the USA

This report outlines the findings of Emma Garland’s, (who facilitated a workshop at GWT’s 2018 Conference), Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Traveling Fellowship looking at intergenerational housing in the USA.

The key aim of my trip was to learn more about the different models of intergenerationalhousing that exist in the USA and to consider whether and how these could work in a UK context. Through providing in depth case studies and by drawing together the key themes that emerged, I hope this report can be used as a practical tool for anyone considering setting up intergenerational housing schemes in the UK. I also hope to stimulate debate about the type of housing we should be building in the UK and to encourage the consideration of intergenerational housing alongside more traditional housing models.

During my four-week trip in October 2017, I visited:

• Nine different intergenerational housing schemes;
• Organisations that deliver intergenerational activities and programmes;
• Local housing authorities;
• Non-profit organisations providing supportive services to local communities.

The key findings include:
• Intergenerational housing works particularly well as a model for supported housing;
• It fosters the creation of friendly, neighbourly, supportive communities where residents of all ages engage and interact on a regular basis;
• It can bring many benefits and a range of positive outcomes to individuals, the community and the state

Read the full report below.