Looking out for children after lockdown

As lockdown eases Child Protection Scotland, Barnardo’s Scotland, Police Scotland and NSPCC Scotland are working together to encourage everyone to take responsibility for keeping Scotland’s children safe from harm.

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a big effect on every child and every family, but lockdown will have been very much worse for some children and families than others.

Families who were struggling to cope before the pandemic may have been pushed to crisis point during lockdown, and even the most settled families will have faced new challenges during this time.

Some children and young people will have experienced neglect and abuse during the lockdown period.

It may take time for some of those experiences to emerge, but now that Scotland’s children and young people are back at school and beginning to join in with clubs and out-of-school activities again, it’s important that everyone keeps an eye out for unusual behaviours or signs that something’s not right for a child.

Unusual behaviours might indicate that something’s wrong, and sometimes it’s what’s not said that matters. If your gut tells you that something’s not right for a child or a young person, please do something.

It’s always better to say something than do nothing.