Physical Activity Pick & Mix

The resource is available in 2 versions: an online interactive activity and a resource that can be printed off and used with groups.

The interactive activity can be accessed by clicking on Open Link in New Window. Press a button to have a Pick and Mix activity selected at random. Have as many go’s as you like- there are over 30 activities in the Pick and Mix bag.

Physical Activity Pick and Mix is also available as a resource which you can download and print off.
The downloadable version of Pick and Mix includes a range of activities under 4 themes:

Boost: Activities to give a boost of energy
Refreshers: Activities to help us relax
Mischief & Make-Believe’s: Activities to create fun & active imagination
Indoors/Outdoors: Activities to use during indoor/outdoor visits

Click on Download Resource to access the Pick and Mix files.
The files are also available to download at the bottom of the page with the interactive activity.