Play and Storytelling: Connecting Generations *suite of resources*.

PLAY and STORYTELLING are for every age, supporting connection, learning, tradition, culture, health and wellbeing when used intergenerationally. The golden strands of play and story connect kith and kin, as well as build strong connections ‘from cradle to grave’ so Play Scotland and Generations Working Together have developed this suite – or family – of resources to support the building of intergenerational connections and best practice.

These can be used whether the IG connections are with our oldest and youngest members of our communities or perhaps teens and those in their 50s – play and storytelling are human drivers and regardless of what words may be used with different generations or communities, we all gain from sharing together and using a rights-based approach to relationships and more.

We very much hope you will enjoy these resources and would love your feedback!

Play and Storytelling Suite of Resources – available to download for free from GWT & Play Scotland websites. (Vimeo recordings on GWT channel only).

Full colour (*hard copy also available)

Large print / black and white (*limited hard copy versions also available)

Audio – We hope you can use this with your devices / apps to listen to the toolkit.

Intergenerational Booklist
Booklist and Guide

A4 Posters (Hard copies also available*).
Connecting Generations The Play FULL Way
Play is OUR way!

Vimeo Event Recordings including launch of toolkit
Connecting Generations through Play and Storytelling
Play and Storytelling; Connecting Generations the Intergenerational Way
Year of Childhood – a gift to intergenerational practice

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