Play and Storytelling: Connecting Generations the Intergenerational Way AUDIO Toolkit

Perhaps a visual is not a good format for all in your team or group?
Perhaps a lot of text or colour is not an ideal or suitable format for all?
Perhaps you just want to listen to it being read when commuting as a refresher or part of your planning for later in the day?

With thanks to partnership with Play Scotland, the popular Play and Storytelling toolkit is broadening its reach and inclusive approach through adapting to be an audio version of PDF for those able to use this format through laptops / computers and devices. We very much hope that this will help explore the toolkit and gain the best from it in multiple settings and situations.

You may need to check how to do this with your own device and operating system, perhaps with something built in, or an app, but we do hope it will support improved accessibility.

To use it alongside the other resources check here