Play and Storytelling Intergenerational Booklist

We invite you to explore this booklist and guide to further written resources. Together these will support an introduction to, and development of, intergenerational relationships.

This booklist can be used as a standalone resource as well as a complementary guide (which includes top tips and other links to more resources) to the Play and Storytelling the Intergenerational Way Toolkit. A black & white version with larger font is also available with an audio version prepared also.

With funding from Get into Summer by Scottish Government, GWT and Play Scotland collaborated on a pilot bringing children and older adults together in different ways but all with a foundation of play and storytelling – something vital for all ages. A new toolkit was created from this work following the summer of play pilot 2021 and the follow-on work around Play and Storytelling with an intergenerational focus, which included the aim to provide a practical suite of resources to encourage many more precious and special connections across different generations to support health and wellbeing, learning, fun and new skills and understanding.

To watch recordings of the online events hosted to support this work, please take a look at our Vimeo Channel for Toolkit Launch and Play and Storytelling Connecting Generations. We are very grateful to all who have contributed ideas, information, suggestions and case studies over the past 12 months to help create these resources and the online events!

We hope you find this a useful resource and one you can come back to over weeks, months and even years ahead.