Share a Story

‘Share a Story – a reading guide about intergenerational connections for educators of children 0–12’ was published on the 25th April to mark the first day of Global Intergenerational Week which in 2022 ran from 25th April – 1st May 2022.

For this guide Children’s Book Ireland have joined forces with Together Old and Young, or TOY, an international project that promotes the value of intergenerational learning between young children and older adults, and Hibernia College, the largest provider of teacher education in Ireland.

This guide is for everyone who would like to see those intergenerational connections reflected in books – older adults and younger children having time to get to know each other, learn from each other and develop a mutual understanding whilst also having fun. This carefully curated booklist for ages 0–12 features a diversity of friendships and relationships between old and young, as well as giving insight into the universal ageing process.

The guide is also for early years educators and primary school teachers who see possibilities for bringing learning beyond the early childhood education setting or primary school walls. The books and tips suggested in this guide will help you start conversations with the children you work with about the different kinds of roles grandfathers and grandmothers play in children’s lives in the here and now.