South Centra£ Decides - Intergenerational Activities

Applications must be in by FRIDAY, 20 JANUARY 2017

Event will take place on Saturday, 4th February 2017
Southside Community Centre
117 Nicolson Street

We are pleased to announce that South Central Neighbourhood Partnership, is once again hosting South Centra£ Decides. The Scottish Government has provided £10,000 with a further £10,000 coming from the South Central Neighbourhood Partnership Community Grants fund. The £20,000 must be used to fund intergenerational activities within the area and groups are invited to bid for this money (maximum grant £2,500). Local people will decide who gets what at a marketsall event in the Southside Community Centre on Saturday, 4th February between 11.00 am and 3.00 pm.

This type of approach is called Participatory Budgeting or PB as it is often known. It’s a system where local people decide on how local money is spent. Click here to watch a short video on Edinburgh’s PB initiatives. Check our FAQs to find more about PB. On the day, the scores will be totalled and the highest scoring projects will secure the funding – until we reach the £20,000 limit.

The maximum grant available is £2,500 but please – there is no requirement to bid up to the max! More projects can be funded if groups only bid for what they really need. Click here to download an APPLICATION FORM and GUIDANCE NOTES. Please remember – community grant funding is specific to each Neighbourhood Partnership area so your idea needs to be for the benefit of people local to that area; in this case, South Central.


There is going to be quick turnaround so your application and supporting documentation needs to be submitted by Friday, 20th January 2017. Please provide an electronic copy of the actual application form (in a Word format) as well as a signed hard copy.

As the money needs to be out of our coffers by the middle of March, the event will take place on Saturday, 4th February – don’t worry successful projects will have the normal six months to spend their grant.

For further information please contact Margaret Campbell, Partnership Development Officer
or by Tel: 0131-553 1297