The Glasgow FlightPath fund

We take great pride in the active role we play in the communities near the airport and are delighted to report that hundreds of community groups and charities have benefited from our funding programme, the Glasgow Airport FlightPath Fund. Established in 2010, the FlightPath Fund was set up with the sole intention of providing financial support to charities and community groups committed to improving the facilities and services available to local people.

Since launching, the total sum granted to projects and activities has amounted to over £1,000,000.
The Glasgow Airport FlightPath Fund is designed to ensure the communities surrounding the airport share in its success. The FlightPath supports community groups and charities in Renfrewshire, Glasgow and East and West Dunbartonshire.
The Flightpath Fund focuses its community investment in a number of areas including education, the environment and employment.

FlightPath committee
The committee meets every two months under the chairmanship of accountant Archie Hunter, who brings considerable financial expertise to the role with previous positions including senior partner for KPMG (Scotland) and past president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.
To ensure the funding targets communities near the airport, the FlightPath committee consists of independent representatives from Renfrewshire, Glasgow, and East and West Dunbartonshire Councils.
Members of the committee include: Councillor Marie McNair, West Dunbartonshire Council, Councillor Rosie O’Neil, East Dunbartonshire Council, and Councillor Iain Nicolson. The committee also has representation from Glasgow Airport and Glasgow City Council.

Dates for 2017 meetings
Meetings of 2017 will take place on the following dates:

  1. 15 September
  2. 3 November

FlightPath Fund £25,000 lump sum
The FlightPath Fund has launched a one-off support grant of £25,000 and charities and organisations have been urged to apply. To find out more click here.
All applications must be submitted no later than three weeks prior to the meeting date. It’s easy to apply for funding support from Glasgow Airport, simply download your application form and email to Flight Path

Please find out more on Glasgow Airport webiste